Everything changed when Team Inigo attacked...

Inigo kills Blackhand

Dzl posted Apr 11, 15

They gave him a Blackeye.

Heroic Iron Maidens

Vallez posted Apr 5, 15

More like Heroic Iron Mai-deads.

Xrayl Well maybe not always... maybe I just liked doing it once =p
Xrayl He always stands waaaaay off to the side skewing all my pics so I chopped him from this one, and he got revenge by makin ...
Vallez It's complicated.

Happy April Fools' Day!

Dzl posted Apr 1, 15

Absolutely nothing is different about the website. Not even a tiny bit.

Dzl They're all in big head mode! I was trying to be subtle. ;D But then I figured no one would notice so I just made a pos ...
Pravix Why does Durotan look like a midget on the background?
Shtanky Hmmm you saying that makes me think you did something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heroic Kromog Down!

Vallez posted Mar 16, 15

Heroic Kromog is dead. I used up all my puns on the last post, sorry.

Synthesize Poor Synthesize. Must be from the east.
Dzl He was getting handsy and we slammed him, Vallez. Something something Stone breath smelled bad.
Shtanky Disappointing that his body didn't become the bridge to the next boss!