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Congratulations to Team Leela on making quick work of Heroic Malkorok and going 9/14H! Next up is Heroic Spoils of Pandaria!

Team Brannigan is now working on their first Heroic Kill of The Fallen Protectors to go 1/14H.

Team Bender is chipping away at Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse to go 12/14H.

We're now 29 weeks into the tier and all 3 teams are still working hard on clearing the content despite it becoming increasingly long in the tooth.

Team Bender killed H Thok to go 11/14H.

Team Leela killed H Nazgrim (1 shot!) to go 8/14H.

Team Brannigan repeated their kill of Garrosh and will be taking down H Immerseus in the weeks to come.

Good luck to all teams as the tier continues! 
Mirkash Nice work all!
26 weeks into the tier, 26 weeks to go?  We hope not.  Discussion has raged unabated this week over the "fall"/December release date suggestions for WoD, but our teams are still making our way through this tier's content.

Team Leela killed H Korkon Dark Shaman last week to go 7/14HM.  They're working on H Nazgrim now.

Team Bender is working on H Thok and Team Brannigan is working on a repeat kill of Garrosh and then a first kill of H Immerseus.

Good luck to all teams!
It's been 4 weeks since the last update - the first two weeks saw all teams working hard at mastering the difficult mechanics of this tier.

In the last two weeks, Team Brannigan has killed Garrosh to clear normal modes, going 14/14N!  They look forward to repeating the kill and tangling with H Immerseus in the weeks to come.

Team Bender killed H Spoils of Pandaria to go 10/14H.  They're starting work on H Thok.

Team Leela is working on H Dark Shaman and looks forward to taking them down in the upcoming weeks.

Good luck to all teams!
Two more weeks and more progress for our teams.  

Team Bender killed H Malkorok to go 9/14H.

Team Leela killed H Iron Juggernaut to go 6/14H.

Team Brannigan is currently engaged in taking down Garrosh - it's a tough fight.

Good luck to all teams in the upcoming weeks.
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