Sunday was very productive with both raiding teams getting two new kills. Team Fezzik killed Mythic Kargath and then finished up the night with killing Heroic Mar'Gok which moved us from Server #8 to #1. Next up, Mythic Twin Ogron!

Heroic Ko'ragh Down!

Vallez posted Jan 11, 15
Using a new strat, we one shot Heroic Ko'ragh this week. Work has begun on Mythic Kargath and we hope to have him down soon!

We had another good progression week with two new bosses down and Heroic Kor'agh being very close! Hopefully we'll be working on Mythic soon!

Heroic Twin Ogron Down!

Vallez posted Dec 19, 14
Team Fezzik takes down Heroic Twin Ogron to go 3/7. Who will fall next?

Heroic Kargath Down!

Vallez posted Dec 8, 14
Heroic Kargath has been killed and loot has been collected! Next up, Heroic The Butcher!