Hey all, every guild has a printed tee, but we're going to have Hockey-style Jerseys! For details on how to get your own, visit the link here or just click on the image below, which will be an aproximation of how they will be designed (some of the details may change).

Hellfire Progress!

Dzl posted Jul 14, 15

Both teams have been progressing pretty well through the new raid, so here's some kill pics! Team Jimmy hasn't provided any, but we've got a ton from Team Butters.

Team Fezzik got b-ored of wiping and finally put Mythic Oregorger down. Next up Mythic Beastlord!

Heroic Blackhand Down!

Vallez posted May 1, 15

Team Fezzik handily handed Blackhand a black eye.

Xrayl Seems legit Vallez

Heroic Blast Furnace Down

Vallez posted Apr 23, 15

Team Fezzik brings the heat and shuts down Heroic The Blast Furnace.