Heroic Kromog Down!

Vallez posted Mar 16, 15

Heroic Kromog is dead. I used up all my puns on the last post, sorry.

Synthesize Poor Synthesize. Must be from the east.
Dzl He was getting handsy and we slammed him, Vallez. Something something Stone breath smelled bad.
Shtanky Disappointing that his body didn't become the bridge to the next boss!

Heroic Thogar Down!

Vallez posted Mar 8, 15

We trained properly and with tunnel vision, engineered the derailment of Heroic Thogar. If we conduct ourselves properly, we should be on track to kill Heroic Kromog next week. Hopefully we don't run out of steam! Coal.

Shtanky Kicked him in the caboose!
Hornreaper via Imgflip Meme Maker ...

Blackrock and Roll, baby.

Team Fezzik kills Heroic Flamebender on thier first night of attempts. Operator up next! Choo-choo!