Heroic Twin Ogron Down!

Vallez posted Fri at 18:25
Team Fezzik takes down Heroic Twin Ogron to go 3/7. Who will fall next?

Heroic Kargath Down!

Vallez posted Dec 8, 14
Heroic Kargath has been killed and loot has been collected! Next up, Heroic The Butcher!

Getting to clear Molten Core with 40 guildies was a great way to celebrate 10 years of Warcraft. We had a great time and got some fancy helmets and mounts! Just in time for the first new raid in over a year and a half!

Countdown to Expansion

Vallez posted Nov 10, 14

Mythic Garrosh Down!

Vallez posted Oct 22, 14
Arm of Hades caps off their time raiding in Mists of Pandaria by killing Mythic Garrosh and clearing Siege of Orgrimmar. We'll be spending the next few weeks getting more people the kill and stocking up on heirlooms for Warlords of Draenor!