Engine of No Souls

Xrael posted Jul 15, 17

Two new heroic kills on Thursday to put us at 6/9 progress! Grats all!

If you haven't visited yet, make sure to check out our AoH YouTube channel for some kill videos. We'll occasionally even have different points of view!

Total Eclipse

Xrael posted Jul 12, 17

With Sisters down, we go 4/9 Heroic with Mistress Sissypants falling next/soon!

Deceiver's Fall

Xrael posted Jul 2, 17

Kil'jaeden and the rest of ToS cleared on normal! Next up -- a delicious Heroic menu.

Mythic Skorpyron!

Xrael posted May 27, 17

Exciting new kill as the team grows, congrats everyone!

Delicious. Also fun fact -- the plural of Moose is... Moose.