Team Fezzik got b-ored of wiping and finally put Mythic Oregorger down. Next up Mythic Beastlord!

Heroic Blackhand Down!

Vallez posted May 1, 15

Team Fezzik handily handed Blackhand a black eye.

Xrayl Seems legit Vallez

Heroic Blast Furnace Down

Vallez posted Apr 23, 15

Team Fezzik brings the heat and shuts down Heroic The Blast Furnace.

Server #1

Vallez posted Apr 22, 15

Team Fezzik went back to Mythic Highmaul in order to take down Mythic Twin Ogron and Mythic The Buthcher, which puts the guild back at #1 in progression on the server!

Everything changed when Team Inigo attacked...